• Contact me for a free 30-minute strategy session:
  • Provide your detailed history using my electronic intake form.
  • During our first appointment (in person or by phone), we will spend 90 minutes going over your health history.
  • During our second appointment (45-60 minutes) I will present recommendations and action plan.
  • We will follow-up with monthly or biweekly 30–45 minute appointments, depending on your needs.


  • First appointment, research and preparation of plan plus one follow-up appointment:  $250
  • 30-minute phone or office appointment plus written report: $45
  • Package of three 30-minute follow-up appointments and written reports: $120
  • Email conversations: 1 free between visits, with any additional conversations charged consulting rate added onto next visit

*2.9% service charge added for Paypal/credit card

How is my approach different?

I work with you as a person, not as a set of symptoms or a disease.

I take a systems-based approach to look at how your body functions, not just your symptoms.

I dig deep into your past habits and exposures, even before you were born.

I help your body heal itself rather than just giving you bandaids to cover up the problem.